Sunday, February 15, 2009

10 things you may not know about The Zulu's truth

Shared history and a generation, most of the more than 100, Mardi Gras Treasures Presbytere seen at the exhibition at the museum.

Founded in 1909, the club's history and the joy of the Zulu social aid is long, the floor is mainly other people. However, the organization's 100 years of Carnival parades, which he declined to say their members.

"For so long, or why this was Zulu, because of this, and ... now, now" to hear that said, the club's official historian, Clarence Becknell, he rebuilt the clubhouse of the Zulu recent Saturday afternoon sitting. To tell the story of the Zulu Zulu "today, and many people visit our Presbytere not hear the outside world and the history of the retelling, this exhibition is the first generation of Zulu, has recorded the true story. "

Zulu is the original story

"From the king of the road: Zulu 100 years" in January 2007, the 2009 Open, only time of year for Carnival, which runs until the end of this year.

Last summer, the club is about creating their own exhibition of memorabilia, the museum approach. Closely CHARUZUCHENBARENBEKKUNERU Presbytere滅多NI historian of the museum is a treasure of the display seen in front of the room worked to collect more than 100.

Chamberlain exhibition, the last one I hope to dispel the myth that success to the club for several centuries.

"Many New Orleanians who is Zulu, or because there is no root, why is it important to know coconut joke," said Chamberlain. "This exhibition is the history of the Zulu people and the people who live with people, how come this great organization of the carnival will give everyone the opportunity to learn what really attractive .. "

The crew are just a joke

Contrary to popular belief, the founder of the Zulu John Rex L. Metoyer, a parody of the king of Carnival, the organization could not be created. Pythian Metoyer that he saw a vaudeville troupe in a theater play Temple in New Orleans, Smart Set was inspired. Of the skit, "It was never going to be a king like me" who appeared dressed in grass skirts and blackface paint functions. Previously "on the street," wearing the pants in tatters, JUBIRIKARUTETTO, Metoyer parading with his friends and later started a Zulu in 1909. The first king, William Story, and I carried a banana stalk scepter and wore the crown of lard.

The year 1916, Metoyer encourage the incorporation of the Zulu. In terms of organization, dedication to the philanthropic mission and convey social Zulu preamble. According to historians, select them in the whole society to work for one member, to use as evidence, Zulu, who celebrated in a spoof that you can not neglect.

CHARUZUCHENBAREN, Presbytere Louisiana State Museum historian, was a man who wants to honor the founder of the Zulu Mardi Gras.

"The incorporation of the, 'and for the purpose shall be the object of our society,'" Chamberlain said. Previously, if you can pass the ball, Zulu, and loyalty "is being held in very high for anyone."

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