Sunday, February 15, 2009

The recession has not slowed the purchase of Carnival balls hyperphagia

Popular wisdom that New Orleans-area economy has avoided the worst of the financial crisis, rampant skyrocketing unemployment seizures, thanks to the recovery of Hurricane Katrina.

In fact, that May be the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression can not rock the market for carnival throws, either.

Despite fears among providers Mardi Gras beads and Krewe captains this year that the riders concerned about the costs of not skimp on frivolities costly throws, ornaments of all kinds - Krewe theme of Coke bottles hologram giant medallions of flowers stuffed - have flown off the shelves.

"We did not get anything but the stimulation of our customers," said Nancy Lahaye, a cashier at Accent Annex Metairie. "I suppose it would be slower, but I have not seen that. People come in. They are happy, and they talk about the parade. "

Krew although some have struggled to achieve the targets and a few even canceled their parades, it seems that those who have not left the financial threw caution to the wind - or had ordered their spoils before the economic climate has become so catastrophic. In both cases, the line of partygoers that roads should not expect to be short changed.

More than the shots themselves, it May be that riders see their purchases as an investment in the spirit of Carnival, the captain said Staci Rosenberg muses.

"This is certainly not a necessity, but people feel this way, she says, hundreds, often thousands of dollars in beads and other goodies that stock on its members this year." It is an escape "says Rosenberg. "It's a necessity, perhaps, for their mental health."

Dan Kelly, who heads Beads by the Dozen, said sales at retail outlets have started slowly this year, with cheaper, generic pearl strands first. After the first of the year, however, companies have started to rise.

"He has really taken over the past few days," says Kelly. "Now we feel we are going to do at least what we did last year, if not better."

Among the new features popular oversized "coup" of beads that look like Christmas decorations but they are solid, more than decorations for the cars, the parade ladders and houses, as bright fringe twinkle lights and purple, green and gold, Lahaye said.

Lahaye said it has received customer orders and logs from as far away as Nebraska and California, seeking to import Mardi Gras fun.

With Valentine's decline during the first weekend of parades, Kelly said he sold a lot of pearls and red heart the theme of romance articles. Also hot this year is the Endymion Krewe of the new "lenticular" medallion, which has a hologram and a plastic figurine of the same club that shines in all the colors of the rainbow, "he says.

At his shop, Kelly took a run on the flashing neon and new beads balls of light. "People like all enlightened," he said.

MICHAEL DeMOCKER / The Times-Picayune
A bobble-head Zulu dollThrows also performed outside of the radii of the Zulu Souvenirs Shop, which has stock of high-end duplication of pearls with half-coconut medallions, books and a bobble-head doll of this years, the king - all printed in the club's 100th anniversary logo.

A seller is 30 oz canteen with straw and neck, made of several large merger hollow logs, store manager Edmond Melder Jr. said. The riders have also purchased 600 cases of limited series of glass bottles of coke stamped with the emblem of the anniversary, he said.

"No recession in Zulu," Melder said. "Not this year."

The Krewe of Iris, the former women only Krewe rolling Uptown did not have a problem selling his booty, Captain Oswald said Joy. Among the first items to go in the shape of sticks were lit by three stars, tigers and pandas stuffed with magnetic paws and stuffed giant sunflowers, "she says.

"They went like crazy, because they're kind of big," said Oswald. "We sold almost everything."

Known for having more and more adept cast every year, riders Muses shed light diamond rings, digital watches, bottle openers and a flashlight miniature fans with plastic blades Krewe light to reveal the name, said Rosenberg.

Of course, she says, the signature of the club are also able decorated shoes sure to fly floats. "The shoe of the request is out of control," she says.

Indeed, some die-hard fans Muses parade along the route to the wave of photos of former President George W. Bush along the road in the hope that, at a press conference in December in Iraq, this draw threw shoes from members of the Krewe, which delights in political satire.

But whether or not they cook up schemes to attract intelligent rods, parade, visitors can take the recession will not take off their booty, including the capture on St. Charles Avenue, Behrman road, Judge Perez Drive, Veterans Memorial Highway, Road or cabin Front Street.

"As my mother always said," Oswald said, "There will always be Mardi Gras, and people will still buy the throw." "

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